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Predictive Analysis

Predictive analytics is the process of selecting, exploring, analysing and modelling data to create better business outcomes. Offered either as a services model, or as a powerful add-on for the premier desktop mapping software MapInfo Professional – SiteMarker Professional delivers advanced prediction, site location, statistical modelling and powerful geo-demographic analysis capabilities. Reports provided are a combination of map, graph and tabular formats – customised to suit your needs and to enhance your decision making process.


Predictive analytics is the process of selecting, exploring, analysing and modelling data to create better business outcomes. A powerful add-on for the premier desktop mapping software, MapInfo Professional, SiteMarker Professional delivers advanced site location and powerful geo-demographic analysis capabilities with an easy-to-use mapping interface.

SiteMarker Professional is an analytics tool combining gravity modelling (incorporating the Huff Model), street and road network and infrastructure and demographic data to predict the potential success and visibility for site location(s). The premise of gravity modelling is based on the distance decay theory, which states that the further away a customer is located from an outlet – then the less likely that the customer will frequent that store.

The customer is more likely to frequent a store that is located nearer to him or her. ‘Visibility’ is the second component of the gravity modelling, which is a factor that is used to indicate the ‘store visibility’ (such as turnover or the size of the gross lettable area). The higher the visibility (i.e. the larger the store), the more likely it will attract customers. This is based on Newton’s theory of gravitational pull – the bigger the object, the bigger the mass, the bigger the pull. Gravity modelling is this based on a combination of the distance decay coefficient, and the coefficient of store visibility.

SiteMarker Professional also includes a footprint creation wizard that enables you to produce store footprints using a combination of circular buffers, store accessibility, customer penetration, customer spend and much more.


By combining your existing store, customer and market data with SiteMarker Professional’s site modelling capabilities you can predict store turnover. By using demographics, drive time and trade area analysis you can discover which locations will reach the most customers, divert business from your competitors and tap into new markets. With SiteMarker Professional you can identify and understand the characteristics of your most profitable and next best customers for effective network planning and site evaluation.

Location is everything – knowing where to open you next retail outlet is key to site selection success. In an increasingly competitive retail environment, understanding your customers and markets can be challenging.


Today, consumer needs are sophisticated and ever changing and finding prospects most likely to buy is a huge challenge. Where are your customers and where do you find more like them? What do your customers’ locations reveal about their potential profitability and buying patterns? Are they likely to frequent a particular outlet?

Identify your best customers, understand the markets you serve and rank potential prospects with SiteMarker Professional, the complete site location solution from ST Group. Property, Retailer and Marketing professionals and analysts rely on SiteMarker Professional to plan site location and marketing initiatives and achieve the greatest return on their property and marketing investments.



Enhance your business with demographic reporting & presentation quality mapping

  • Carry out demographic reporting and presentation quality mapping and access critical demographic information for site analysis.
  • Take advantage of the best location capabilities.
  • Make better decisions with powerful site selection capabilities.
  • Gain valuable insights into the demographic and competitive landscape.
  • Highlight information with thematic mapping and layer control.
  • Focus marketing based on consumer variables, characteristics, behaviour and lifestyles.
  • Seamlessly integrate location into existing business processes.


Maximize marketing ROI with SiteMarker Professional:

  • Execute successful target marketing initiatives using a rifle approach.
  • Identify opportunities with demographic analysis and segmentation.
  • Define customer behaviours and attitudes with advanced profiling.
  • Rank markets based on likely customer response.
  • Determine the most effective way to reach your audience.
  • Identify product/service mixes to cross-sell and up-sell customers.
  • Combine your business data, customer demographics, and third-party data.
  • Run multiple reports for multiple areas at the same time.
  • Share location intelligence across your organization Import and export data in a variety of formats.

We have a variety of offerings available where we can either empower you to conduct your analyses, or why not make use of our team of dedicated consultants and professionals for those once-off projects!