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Pitney Bowes, helps clients navigate the complex world of commerce by providing data so businesses can market to their best customers. This is through enabling the sending of parcels and packages across the globe and,\secure payments through statements and invoices to keep clients moving forward.

In today’s the connected and borderless world of commerce, where complexity becomes opportunity, where data becomes intelligence, and where the rippling effect of getting it precisely right creates exponential opportunities to move businesses forward. Pitney Bowes delivers innovations that help clients navigate this complex and always evolving world of commerce—from helping them use data to market to the best customers, to efficiently enabling the sending of parcels and packages, to securing payments through statements and invoices. Pitney Bowes delivers accuracy and precision across the connected and borderless world of commerce by enabling billions of physical and digital transactions.

So what does this mean?
It means identifying patterns within a client’s data to help them target customers in the best way possible.
It means providing the most comprehensive and accurate location data so our clients can make confident business decisions.
It means helping our clients connect the dots of their customers’ lives, so they can deliver the right messages through the right channels at the right time.
It means making sure the right bank statement, invoice or credit card bill ends up in the right envelope—and the right mailbox—millions of times a day.
It means studying every detail of customs processes around the world, so sending a parcel from Los Angeles to Lisbon comes with known costs and no surprises.